Methodology is King

Methodology is King

Strategy, Process, and Tools Are Its Subjects By Chief of Operations, Michael Fullilove A brief discussion on the importance of methodology Taking the the analogy in the title of this […]

Operation Independence Day

Hands in handcuffs

You Saved a Life! Every victim matters and you are truly making a difference! Because of you, DeliverFund was able to provide intelligence information to the FBI regarding human trafficking […]

You Helped Take a Trafficker Off the Streets


Your donations to DeliverFund are an investment in training for local law enforcement officers around the country to hunt down and arrest human traffickers and rescue their victims. We know […]

DeliverFund Descends on Super Bowl Traffickers


Operation Game Changer II 26 suspected Human Traffickers are behind bars. “It was entirely virtual,” explains Director of Operations Mike Fullilove. “We had people working from Montana, New Mexico, Virginia, […]