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The Fight Against Human Trafficking

It’s clear that human trafficking is a global disaster, and trafficking within the United States is rising at alarming rates. We at DeliverFund are constantly seeking the best, most up-to-date information to keep you informed about the magnitude of the problem and what you can do about it.

Human trafficking is an American problem, and we can’t turn our back on the issue and say that human slavery is something in our past. The truth is that the numbers are staggering, and every single number represents a human–a man, woman, or child who is being exploited for labor or sex due to coercion, violence, and fear. If we can, through our collective efforts, bring even one victim out of danger, it will have been worth it.

And if the worth of one life is great, how much greater is it to save the lives of many? We hope that on this page you’ll find the resources, news, and information you need to start you on your journey to helping the less fortunate among you–the workers in the fields who are in debt servitude, the women forced to prostitute themselves for fear of their lives, the children who are forced to do unspeakable acts by abusers and torturers looking to make a quick buck.

Follow this page and learn more about these issues. It will open a new world to you, and hopefully bring you to join our cause, whether through volunteer efforts or valuable donations to the cause. Together we can make a difference.