Empowering our communities through education and awareness.

Human Trafficking 101

Empower your community or business with essential knowledge about human trafficking. Learn what it is, how to recognize it, and how to take action if encountered. Stand up against trafficking by becoming informed and engaged advocates for freedom.


Human Trafficking Training

Join our comprehensive course led by a law enforcement expert and trafficking survivor. Learn to recognize signs, communicate effectively with victims, and make a tangible impact in combatting trafficking. Expand your expertise and make a difference today.


Digital Defense

Equip yourself with essential knowledge to safeguard your children online. Our empowering course provides best practices, effective communication strategies, and practical tools, empowering you to take proactive steps in protecting your loved ones.

$14.99 (COMING SOON)

Verified Expertise

Explore our research, credentials, news coverage, and trusted partners in the fight against human trafficking, ensuring you have access to reliable and up-to-date information.


Here, you’ll find a collection of studies and reports, some conducted with our own expertise, that support and validate the direction and educational initiatives we offer. Explore our credentials and solidify our expertise in combating human trafficking.


Discover the latest news and media coverage showcasing the impactful work we’re doing to combat human trafficking. Explore how our expertise and educational initiatives are making a difference, as we continue our commitment to fighting this global issue.


Explore our esteemed network of law enforcement partners who directly combat traffickers using our education, technology, and tools. These partnerships serve as a testament to the trust placed in us by those working on the frontlines to eradicate this crime.

Insights from Law Enforcement and Our Community

Real-Life perspectives on our training and feedback from those fighting human trafficking.

Letters of Support

DeliverFund is proud to support our partners in the fight to end human trafficking and grateful for their words of support in our mission.

Human Trafficking Safeguard App

With one simple app, you can access the world’s most extensive digital database of potential human trafficking activity. By simply inputting a phone number or email, you will instantly be alerted if it has links to our database records. Empower yourself to help ensure the safety of your community with the Human Trafficking Safeguard app. 

Welcome to the movement to end human trafficking and child exploitation.

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