Our Support to Law Enforcement

A partnership to combat human trafficking at scale

Our partnership with law enforcement forms the bedrock of our collective mission to combat human trafficking.

We firmly believe that collaboration between DeliverFund and law enforcement agencies is vital to effectively dismantle trafficking networks and bring perpetrators to justice.

Supporting DeliverFund means endorsing a robust alliance that bridges the gap between intelligence-driven data and law enforcement’s enforcement capabilities. 

To our law enforcement partners: DeliverFund stands ready to support and augment your efforts with actionable data and reliable insights through our RFI (Request for Information) link. Our RFI system allows our LE partners to request actionable intelligence insights from a DeliverFund Analyst. The information can then be used to augment past or current human trafficking investigations. Let’s work together to create a safer world for all.

Our Support to Law Enforcement

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Our Partnerships Nationwide

Real solutions to end human trafficking

DeliverFund disrupts global human trafficking markets by combining uniquely qualified personnel with the best technologies and then leveraging them in new ways to reach and assist victims of human trafficking.

We do this through equipping, training, and advising the proper authorities in order to decrease the time and resources required to arrest human traffickers. By doing so, victims of human trafficking can be offered support and traffickers brought to justice.


DeliverFund equips law enforcement agencies with cutting-edge software and technology to enhance their investigative capabilities, aiding in the gathering of crucial information for cases and prosecution.


DeliverFund trains various law enforcement personnel, including patrol officers, analysts, investigators, and leadership, in open source intelligence methods to combat human trafficking networks.


DeliverFund provides law enforcement with reliable intelligence on local human trafficking networks. This information aids in interdiction, victim assistance, and presenting evidence to prosecutors.


Strong tech to protect victims

We bring brilliant minds and brilliant tech together to fight injustice at scale.


DeliverFund’s signature software is the Platform for the Analysis and Targeting of Human Traffickings (P.A.T.H.). It visually maps out human trafficking networks and allows law enforcement agencies across the country to streamline their investigations, operating more effectively and efficiently.

The Human Trafficking Watchlist

The Human Trafficking Watchlist is the only data repository in existence that assists users in proactively identifying persons known or suspected to be involved with human trafficking. This data is collected and organized from open and publicly available sources on the internet and confirmed by trained analysts.

RedLight Data

Our RedLight dataset currently consists of millions of online advertisements where human trafficking victims are advertised. This data comes from DeliverFund’s tool PathFinder, which is used by analysts and investigators to identify trafficking activity and develop leads in human trafficking cases nationwide.

Digital Training Tools

We are creating a series of new digital training tools for law enforcement to disperse the knowledge we have collected over years of fighting human trafficking. Join our comprehensive course led by a law enforcement expert and trafficking survivor. Expand your expertise and make a difference today.


DeliverFund provides resources and hands-on skills to fight injustice at scale.

The Basic Human Trafficking Training Course for Law Enforcement and First Reponders is a training program to introduce and enhance law enforcement personnel’s ability to understand and successfully identify signs of human trafficking.

This program is designed as an introductory training program for patrol officers, new investigators, and other law enforcement personnel not routinely in investigative roles.

Upon completing this course, the participant will be able to define human trafficking, understand and identify indicators of human trafficking, and the role of law enforcement in combating and eradicating human trafficking.

Topics covered during the four-hour course of instruction are:

  • Definition and Indicators of Human Trafficking
  • Fundamentals of Open-Source Intelligence
  • Human Trafficking Victim Perspective
  • Law Enforcement’s Role in identifying Human Trafficking
  • Human Trafficking Resources
  • This program is provided in a virtual format at no cost to Law Enforcement.


This course can also be tailored and provided as agency-specific training in either a virtual format or in person format.  Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in this option.

The Advanced Human Trafficking Training Course is a three-day training program designed for investigators or other sworn law enforcement personnel to teach and enhance their abilities to investigate Human Trafficking. This program teaches the skills needed to identify human traffickers, victims, and networks successfully. 

The course is an intermediate-level training program intended for law enforcement personnel new to investigating human trafficking cases.

This training program covers open-source intelligence (OSINT) and human intelligence (HUMINT) methods to gather data surrounding human trafficking networks.  This program provides comprehensive instruction in a target centric methodology, network mapping and link analysis.  It also provides a victim’s perspective and interview methods when dealing with victims. The course also provides hands-on practical exercises to reinforce the information being presented. 

This course can be tailored and provided as agency-specific training in either a virtual format or in person format.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.

DeliverFund understands the difficulty in letting officers train offsite. We will provide one of our courses at your location. We require a minimum of 10 confirmed students but offer two free slots for your department.

Contact [email protected] for details.

Contact us to learn more about training opportunities

Begin your education independently

When agency-wide training isn’t an option, you can still empower yourself with essential knowledge to support your department and address human trafficking with our other online training options.

Basic Human Trafficking Training Course for Law Enforcement: The Basic Human Trafficking Training Course for Law Enforcement is a training program to introduce and enhance law enforcement and first responder personnel’s ability to understand and successfully identify signs of human trafficking.

Register below. Law enforcement and first responders receive a code to access the course for free.

Additional Resources

Insights from Law Enforcement and Our Community​

Real-Life perspectives on our training and feedback from those fighting human trafficking.


Request for Information (RFI)

For Law Enforcement Only

Letters of Support

DeliverFund is proud to support our partners in the fight to end human trafficking and grateful for their words of support in our mission.

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