DeliverFund Descends on Super Bowl Traffickers

Operation Game Changer II

26 suspected Human Traffickers are behind bars.

“It was entirely virtual,” explains Director of Operations Mike Fullilove. “We had people working from Montana, New Mexico, Virginia, Georgia and Pennsylvania.” DeliverFund was one of seven non-governmental organizations working in the FBI-spearheaded sting. Over the course of six days, DeliverFund’s analysts were able to deliver 58 packages – that’s nearly 10 a day—to law enforcement agencies in 14 counties encompassing 50 different municipalities surrounding Atlanta. “We screened over 500 phone numbers associated with the advertising in Atlanta in that time,” Mike says. “We produced 58 packages in six days. Those were just the ones indicative of human trafficking. We didn’t go after anything that even remotely looked like it was just prostitution. It was a pretty good effort by the team. The stuff that we provided wasn’t just your run-of-the-mill tip. They were focused intelligence packages with information that would help law enforcement get to the victim and find the trafficker.”

The entire FBI operation, which lasted 11 days, yielded:

169 arrests 26 of those are suspected traffickers

34 were allegedly attempting to engage in sex acts with minors

9 underage trafficking victims were rescued

9 others were identified

Georgia tends to be a hotbed for sex trafficking year-round, ranking eighth nationally, according to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. And sports events always attract both pimps and customers in record numbers, making sting operations like this one an ongoing necessity.

“I see a continued public/private partnership model,” Mike says. “I see us doing it virtually again. It scales more easily and significantly reduces costs.”

Regardless of who’s playing when Super Bowl LIV goes to Miami next year, DeliverFund plans to be part of the team.

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