Human Trafficking Awareness Month: What You Can Do To Join the Fight

At the beginning of each year, it is important to call attention to the ongoing fight against human trafficking. Modern slavery is very real danger in our world and in our country, which is why human trafficking awareness month is a necessary dedication.

But honoring the fight by assigning it a title of awareness is only part of the action. In fact, it is more of a kick-off to action, meant to inspire and spur people into action of their own, calling on them to join the fight against human trafficking. 

And you might wonder what steps you can take in this fight or what role you can play. These are valid questions, and they have many answers, as there are many ways to fight human trafficking. The reality is that the fight is complex and needs hands, eyes, skills, funding, and a host of other factors. The bottom line: there is a role for everyone in the fight against human trafficking. Here are just a few:

Donate to Anti-Human Trafficking Organizations

There are all sorts of anti-human trafficking organizations in the world, and while they are all fighting the good fight, they each have their own approach. Some of these organizations work with local law enforcement groups to share information and help track down criminals. Others work to help the victims get back on their feet, in terms of everything from providing education, job training, mental health, etc. And there are anti-human trafficking organizations that take the battle to the courtroom, defending victims and prosecuting human traffickers.

All in all, these different anti-human trafficking organizations round out different aspects of the ongoing fight, but they need funding to operate. It is no secret that anti-human trafficking organizations require and utilize many different types of resources, from technologies to educational books to legal services, and it all needs to be funded.

By donating, you can keep these professionals in action.

Share Stories of Human Trafficking Victims

Human trafficking awareness month was put in place to spread awareness of the horrible reality of human trafficking, and awareness shouldn’t only be focused on the problem, but also on the victims who have something to say.

Hearing from the victims is important for several reasons. For one thing, it puts perspective on the harsh realities of human trafficking and helps people realize that human trafficking is something that happens in many communities all over the country.

On another note, hearing from the victims can bring about a sense of hope. Certainly, the problem is prevalent, but when victims share stories of their resilience or of those who helped them or can detail aspects of their individual fight, it demonstrates another side of awareness, and this is equally important.

The fight to end human trafficking is an ongoing one, and one that sees survivors on a daily basis. Tell these stories to others, and talk about how the fight to end human trafficking is working.

Gavel and handcuffs and a table.

Know the Warning Signs

Donating and sharing stories of human trafficking victims are good active steps to take during human trafficking awareness month, but educating yourself about the warning signs should also be a top priority.

You might think that because you don’t work for an anti-human trafficking organization or are not a law enforcement official that you are out of your expertise level when it comes to getting involved in the fight against human trafficking. This is not the case. In fact, knowing the warning signs of human trafficking is one of the biggest preventative actions you can take.

There are certain individuals who are more vulnerable to human trafficking than others because of their financial situation, dependency issues, history of abuse, or a number of other factors. Knowing these vulnerabilities can help you look at those you pass by every day a bit differently. It can give you a sense of compassion and understanding, which are major allies in the fight against human trafficking.

Join The Fight Today to End Human Trafficking!

Human trafficking awareness month is a good time to spur yourself into action, but the fight is a year-round one. The criminals who work to keep modern slavery alive don’t rest in their efforts, and so the fight against human trafficking shouldn’t rest either.

Donate today, and help us put an end to human trafficking once and for all.

Join a community that protects

Our supporters know that every step, big or small, can make a difference in the fight against human trafficking.

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