What is Being Done to Stop Human Trafficking?

When coming to grips with the reality of human trafficking, it can be difficult to remind yourself that there are things being done to stop human trafficking organizations. It is true that human trafficking is an enterprise that has a a strong presence in many parts of the world, and sadly, this includes the United States

But just like there are dangerous and criminal organizations trying constantly to exploit individuals and coerce them into a human trafficking scenario, there are organizations who are fighting to stop these horrendous actions as well. And these organizations who are committed to fighting the good fight are getting better in their efforts every day, implementing solutions to end human trafficking once and for all. 

What is Being Done to Stop Human Trafficking?

There are many individuals who wonder if human trafficking can really be stopped. There are common misconceptions that human trafficking happens secretly on the dark web,  buttraffickers do not operate like you might think.The illicit sale of humans for sexual or labor acts is portrayed differently in movies and television than how they would normally operate in real life. 

For instance, in a Hollywood representation of human trafficking, you have likely seen a young victim being kidnapped and tied in the back of a van, driven someplace and sold into slavery. This is an exaggeration, and in reality, there is much more manipulation and time spent coercing a victim, making them feel dependent on a human trafficker for one reason or another. 

Human traffickers play mind games with potential victims, leading them astray and putting forth a promise of something better, in one form or another. These criminals also operate in patterns, so to speak, meaning they tend to play similar psychological games with their victims, and pursue individuals who display particular warning signs. Being able to understand these warning signs is a good example of progress being made in the fight against human trafficking. Specifically, the fact that these warning signs have become commonly shared and promoted demonstrates that organizations (and individuals) have become increasingly familiar with how human traffickers operate.

This awareness, while it might not seem crucial when first considered, is a massive step forward when it comes to stopping human trafficking organizations. From spreading stories of survivors to sharing warning signs so that more and more people understand who is at risk, awareness is a key component in the fight against human trafficking, and it is also a tool that everyon can use, not just governments or law enforcement groups.

Everyone Can Join the Fight to Stop Human Trafficking Organizations

There are some individuals who ask how the government can stop human trafficking, and others who might wonder if there are things they can do on their own to bring an end to to horrors of modern slavery. And while there are governmental efforts at play, as well as steps you can take on your own, the only way to stop human trafficking once and for all is for everyone to join the fight in whatever way they can.

Governmental organizations, law enforcement groups, or anti-human trafficking organizations have resources at their disposal, such as surveillance and information sharing networks, which go a long way toward stopping human trafficking efforts. But individuals can be powerful allies in this fight as well. From knowing the warning signs to reporting suspicious behavior to sharing the stories of survivors to donating to the cause, there are an endless number of roles that you can take.

In this way, there is a great deal being done to stop human trafficking. But since there are so many different forms of help at work, it is difficult to see the whole picture. For instance, you might be familiar with an organization that spreads awareness or collects data to rescue victims from the clutches of criminals, but did you also know there are organizations who focus on rehabilitating survivors back to a semblance of normal life? There are organizations who focus on educating survivors, helping them get degrees and jobs so they can rejoin the world. There are other organizations who provide legal counsel to survivors, or the families of survivors and victims, helping them clear their name and acclimate back to society.

These organizations and the individuals who join the fight in these ways are often unsung heroes in the ongoing fight against human trafficking, But when you start to understand how many of them are out there, you can start to realize that while stopping human trafficking is a difficult task, but it is not an impossible one. 

Solutions to End Human Trafficking

There are many solutions required to end human trafficking once and for all.. No single stroke or blow to the criminal traffickers will stop such an enterprise, but efforts taken by various organizations and individuals are going a long way. Just because you don’t hear about them all doesn’t mean they aren’t having an impact. 

When it comes to the fighting the good fight, instead of asking, “what can be done about human trafficking?” ask instead, “what can I do to stop human trafficking?” Even when putting the focus on yourself, you will come to understand there are many actions you can take as an individual that will make a big impact. Share a survivor’s story with others, lend an ear in support for someone who needs it, or donate to an organization (local or global) that is putting good resources to use.

Join The Fight Against Human Trafficking Today! 

The reality is that the more people who get involved, the more can be done to stop human trafficking. Put yourself in the action, and help us stop human trafficking once and for all.

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Our supporters know that every step, big or small, can make a difference in the fight against human trafficking.

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