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Together, We Can Keep Our Children Safe

Afghan women and children who are vulnerable to human trafficking need your help today.

This is a humanitarian crisis, and DeliverFund is taking action.

Join the fight with us to keep these women and children safe and provide them with food, housing, and transportation.

Join DeliverFund for a
Special Event in Dallas!

“The rules of the game changed by the hour. It was like building an airplane while flying it." - Nic McKinley, CEO of DeliverFund, on "Operation Soccer Balls."

⁠ ⁠ You can hear more about this operation, as well as other rescue efforts, from some of the key players on October 25 in Dallas, Texas! ⁠

⁠ All funds raised during our luncheon will go towards the expansion of DeliverFund's iHTAC, the International Human Trafficking Analysis Center, the central brain and intelligence dissemination hub that allows us to run sustainable operations across the U.S. and internationally. ⁠

Our fight against human trafficking

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DeliverFund is a nonprofit intelligence organization that leverages cutting-edge technology in the fight against human trafficking in the US.

This crime is happening right under our noses. 

Human trafficking in the United States primarily consists of American women and children being sold to American men and women in American cities.

To stop human trafficking in the united states,
we need public support

Every 2.5 hours home stats

Every 2.5 hours, a child is taken by human traffickers.

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Every trafficked child is purchased for sex 5.4 times a day

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100,000-150,000 victims are held as commercial sex slaves in the U.S.

DeliverFund partners with law enforcement to take down human traffickers

Human trafficking investigators are often under-resourced and overwhelmed.

Your donations help us train and equip law enforcement to arrest more human traffickers and fight this national epidemic

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We have decades of experience from our careers in the CIA, NSA, Special Operations

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We offer support to law enforcement at no cost to them.

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We leverage cutting-edge technology into the ultimate weapon against human trafficking.

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By purchasing from our online store, you help us train, equip, and advise local law enforcement to more effectively go after human traffickers and bring them to justice. 

Join the Fight with DeliverFund

Educate yourself about how DeliverFund is fighting human trafficking in our communities. Share our resources with your network. Donate or create your own fundraiser for DeliverFund and be a leader in your community. 

You can be the one to change a human trafficking victim's life. 

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