DeliverFund focuses on training, equipping and supporting law enforcement agents so their efforts to counter human trafficking can be scaled. This results in less human traffickers to prey on victims.

“It was refreshing to work with the DeliverFund team who is not only passionate about fighting human trafficking, but has the knowledge and skills to be able to do something about it. The training we received was some of the best of my career and their intel has been spot on. As a result, the time between identification and arrest of human traffickers has been significantly decreased. If you are law enforcement and you hunt human traffickers then you need to partner with DeliverFund.”

Detective Jones
Houston Police Department

Law Enforcement Training

DeliverFund’s Counter Human Trafficking Intelligence Operations Course is designed to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies by effectively resourcing their agents in a manner congruous with modern day technology. The course training consists of OSINT and HUMINT collection as well as tactical techniques. This course trains law enforcement agents to use the best counter human trafficking technology suite and then send them home with it.

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Corporate Partners

iHTAC Program

DeliverFund’s International Human Trafficking Analysis Center. A unique collaboration for the collection, integration, analysis and dissemination of human trafficking intelligence. The iHTAC serves as the central all source, shared knowledge bank on human trafficking activity, human traffickers and their networks. It also serves as the central dissemination and coordination point for law enforcement, select nonprofits, and the professionals working to end modern day slavery.

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