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Your partnership with DeliverFund can lead to assisting more law enforcement across the United States and internationally, the development of more cutting-edge technology, as well as helping more victims escape the cycle of exploitation.  

We can be the generation to end human trafficking in America. 

Donating cryptocurrency is a non-taxable event, meaning you will not owe capital gains tax on the appreciated amount and can deduct it on your taxes. Please contact your tax or financial advisor for more information.

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Join the fight against human trafficking using cryptocurrency

There are many ways to join the fight against human trafficking, and not all of them require law enforcement or intelligence analyst experience. There are many professionals doing that already and teaming up with nonprofits who help facilitate the gathering of information, bring criminals to justice, and help rescue victims. 

But the reality is that these nonprofits and organizations need funding to operate. Historically speaking, donations have come in the form of cash, check, or credit card payments. But as the world changes and technology introduces new methods of making and transferring payments, those who are fighting the good fight against human trafficking need to adapt.

That is why DeliverFund is accepts cryptocurrency donations. After all, much of the fight against human trafficking means keeping up to date with the technologies and tools available, and this is true with currency as well.

We accept the following cryptocurrencies:

All cryptocurrency donations made via The Giving Block are nonrefundable.

Our nonprofit clients work hard to ensure that every token that is donated is put to work as soon as possible. When they receive your donation it is understood that this is made to support their mission and they are grateful for your support. As these donations are often immediately converted into fiat, we do not offer refunds on any donations that are made in cryptocurrency.

We are not able give refunds if you changed your mind, sent the wrong cryptocurrency or made the wrong decision.

Donate Cryptocurrency

While cryptocurrency has been around for some time, it is still relatively new to many markets and individuals. In fact, you might not have even been aware that you can donate crypto to charity, or even further, that nonprofits can accept crypto. You likely have additional questions as well such as: “Are crypto donations secure?” 

To be clear, crypto donations are secure, and just as the digital-based currency has evolved through advancements in technology, cryptocurrency donation platforms have been built to enable transactions that are safe and controlled. Simply put, you can be confident knowing that your crypto donation is indeed going to the right place, just like any transaction you might make on a digital platform through a secure portal.

Still Considered a Charitable Deduction

There is much discussion surrounding the use of cryptocurrency, and you might wonder if you can claim a cryptocurrency donation as a charitable deduction on your taxes. The answer is yes, you would claim this donation in the same way you would any other charitable donation. And since the value of cryptocurrency fluctuates (like other assets you might own, such as stocks), the charitable deduction is based on the fair market value of the cryptocurrency. 

To make it simple, here is the IRS form you would need to fill out if donating crypto to charity.

Additionally, taxpayers can avoid paying capital gains when donating crypto to charity. This is done by donating directly to the nonprofit, as opposed to selling it off first. This largely depends on whether a particular nonprofit can accept crypto directly, in which the answer in our case is yes.

The Fight Continues

Human trafficking is a significant problem that continues to thrive, but the fight to eliminate this horror grows stronger every day. As organizations like us here at DeliverFund continue to become more advanced in our methods and approach, criminals have a harder time with their efforts.

We accept crypto donations because we plan to continue our fight into the future. We welcome new technologies and tools that will help us bring an end to human trafficking once and for all. And we need your help. 

Join the Fight by donating directly here or share our mission in another way.

Every Dollar Matters

You can change a human trafficking victim’s life with your donation today