This holiday giving season, be a force for good in the fight against human trafficking

You can become a vital part of the solution.

Your generous support will empower DeliverFund to continue our work of developing innovative strategies to bring traffickers to justice.

Together, we can disrupt the trafficking market, dismantle its networks, and prevent exploitation before it happens.

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Together, Let's Disrupt the

Human Trafficking Market

To human traffickers, exploiting other human beings is good business, driven by demand and supply–what we need is market disruption.  

Take out the means to operate, and you can dismantle the entire market.

Imagine a world where data analysis and AI combine to drastically increase the odds of disrupting traffickers, where businesses deny criminals their platforms, and the public can work together to shut them out of society. 

It’s time to take action. Will you join us? 

image of contents of the AdvoKit: pamphlets, one-pagers, and a thank you note
Play Video about image of contents of the AdvoKit: pamphlets, one-pagers, and a thank you note

Get the AdvoKit.

Need some more tools to bring human trafficking awareness to your community?

With your generous gift of $35 or over to DeliverFund, you will receive a toolkit in the mail to help you talk about our mission to end human trafficking at events and gatherings.

The AdvoKit includes pamphlets about DeliverFund’s mission and how to recognize signs of human trafficking, information about how to get your community involved, an exclusive “Continue Mission” challenge coin, and much more. 

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