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Charlie Mike.

It’s a brevity code for “Continue Mission.”

When our military service came to an end, it wasn’t the end of our mission.

It was the beginning of a new one.

At DeliverFund, our new mission is to end human trafficking.

It’s why we’re hunting human traffickers domestically and internationally by providing actionable intelligence to our law enforcement partners in the United States. 
DeliverFund founders and analysts in uniform

From Counterterrorism to Counter Human Trafficking

The founders at DeliverFund have spent their entire backgrounds dismantling illicit networks overseas against violent extremists, and now we are implementing the same strategies against human traffickers.

Rescuing Those in harm's way, at home and overseas

When Afghanistan fell to the Taliban and the Afghan girls soccer team were in grave danger of becoming brides to soldiers, we accepted that mission. Along with an extraordinary group of partners, we delivered the girls to safety.

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A man working at a desk in front of a computer screen

Continuing the mission here at home

When human traffickers are using technology to scale their operations, the only way to win is to turn their own weapons against them. DeliverFund has built the largest human trafficking database in the world. 

We equip law enforcement with cutting-edge technology and the critical skills needed to fight back so they can free more victims and bring traffickers to justice.

This Mission is Not About Us.

It's about the hundreds of thousands of people trapped in the human trafficking trade, waiting for freedom.

Without human traffickers, there is no human trafficking. Join the fight to end it...for good.