Are you ready to make a direct impact in the fight against human trafficking?

Human trafficking is a complex battle that demands a united front. DeliverFund’s OL-X program mirrors the effectiveness of Special Operations and Intelligence communities. We bring the methodology, technology, and data to the table, but the missing piece is you! No single person, organization, or government agency can tackle this issue alone. It’s time to take a stand for your community.

In partnership with local law enforcement, you’ll learn how to FIND potential trafficking activities, FIX by gathering actionable intelligence, and FINISH by aiding in the disruption and prevention of these heinous acts.

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DeliverFund’s OL-X program is designed to help anyone join the fight against human trafficking in a meaningful way.

The OL-X program is an opportunity to partner with your local law enforcement officers to provide direct targeting support to their counter human trafficking operations right in your community.


You do not need to have any experience or special training to apply.

Anyone who wants to fight human trafficking is eligible, but not everyone will be accepted.


DeliverFund has a robust clearance process you must submit to in order to be cleared to be accepted into the program and to participate in these operations.


Currently, the OL-X program is only available in the United States.

As a member of the program, you will be assigned to the OL-X team in your region, and you will focus your efforts solely in your region.

If there are no OL-X teams in your area, then you will be the founder of that Operating Location and will also be assigned an OL-X team name.


No single person, organization, or government agency can fight human trafficking alone. It takes a community.

The OL-X program is similar to programs hailing from the Special Operations and Intelligence communities.

DeliverFund has the methodology, the technology, and the data to empower teams to fight human trafficking, but we could never activate enough people internally to fight human trafficking everywhere.  That’s where you come in.


Applying for DeliverFund’s OL-X program is simple – getting accepted is hard.​

There are a series of tasks you will need to complete in order to successfully apply.  It costs money to process and verify your application and to run an extensive background check, so we ask that you pay those costs.​

If you successfully complete the application process, then you will be accepted into training.

The term Operating Location (OL) is pivotal for understanding the strategic deployment and effectiveness of US Special Operations Forces (SOF) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operations. OL’s refer to specific geographic locations where SOF and CIA units are positioned to execute specialized – usually classified – operations.  These locations serve as launch points for executing a wide range of operational tasks, ranging from reconnaissance and direct action, to unconventional warfare and covert intelligence operations.


The OL-X application must be filled out online and submitted through the portal – no exceptions.

Applicants must fill in their legal name, DOB, SSN, Social Media Accounts, phone numbers, email accounts.

Applicants must sign the FCRA and background check disclosure.

Applicants must upload a MOU from at least one of the LEA’s they will be working with.

There is a $199.00 fee to submit the OL-X application.


Upon acceptance into the OL-X program, candidates will undergo Phase 1 training.

After successfully completing Phase 1, candidates will advance to Phase 2.

After successfully completing Phase 2, candidates will advance to phase 3.

After successfully completing Phase 3, Candidates will be assigned a targeter number* and an Operating Location.

*Targeter Numbers will be the year, followed by the rank order of the targeter’s acceptance.


Human trafficking involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.

In America, it is a market that is growing exponentially, putting $975 million in the pockets of human traffickers every year. The trafficking of vulnerable individuals is a growing epidemic, and it is happening right in our neighborhoods.

Stay informed about human trafficking, and join the OL-X program today to become a force for change.

The average age of a child sex trafficking victim in the U.S.A. is 15 years old

98% of victims in active criminal sex trafficking cases in 2020 were female

83% of purchases of illicit sex happened online


Meaningful Impact:

Work directly with law enforcement in your region to target human trafficking operations.

Inclusive Eligibility:

No experience required, but only the committed need apply.

Proven Methodology:

Modeled after successful programs in Special Operations and Intelligence communities.

National Reach, Local Action:

Fight human trafficking on a national scale by taking action in your own community.