Why DeliverFund?

Human trafficking is a problem. DeliverFund is the solution. On average, every 2.5 hours an American Child is trafficked.*

How did this happen? As the internet grew, so did the technologies that provided human traffickers with a low risk way to sell people.

In fact, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children saw an 846% increase in reports of suspected child sex trafficking to their CyberTipline in only 5 years.**

The same technologies that provide anonymity for traffickers to recruit children and evade law enforcement also opened a back door into your home. It is easier than ever for kids with an internet connection to be solicited online, right from your living room.

-        We believe in thinking differently and have Challenged the Status quo in the fight against Human Trafficking by targeting the root cause; the trafficker.

-        We believe the ultimate prevention program is the elimination of human traffickers, because without them, there would be no victims of human trafficking.

-        We believe solutions to human trafficking should be scalable, repeatable, and sustainable.

DeliverFund has pioneered a new way forward by coordinating technologies and developing new methodologies for their use.

-        This has proven to be repeatable at scale, and has proven to be the most sustainable, cost effective weapon in the fight against human trafficking.

Simply put, we adapt faster than the enemy (human traffickers) by using the technologies they have been relying on against them.