Methodology is King

Methodology is King

Strategy, Process, and Tools Are Its Subjects By Chief of Operations, Michael Fullilove A brief discussion on the importance of methodology Taking the the analogy in the title of this article a step further, a healthy, thoughtful king leads to a healthy prosperous kingdom. The axiom “Innovate or die” has never been truer than it […]

Operation Independence Day

Hands in handcuffs

You Saved a Life! Every victim matters and you are truly making a difference! Because of you, DeliverFund was able to provide intelligence information to the FBI regarding human trafficking victims.  A teen was rescued during Operation Independence Day, a month-long operation led by the FBI. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was […]

17 Human Trafficking Victims Rescued in Albuquerque, NM


In 2018, local police began investigating a possible drug operation at the Best Choice Inn in Albuquerque, NM. Over the course of the nearly year-long investigation, it became evident that an even darker operation was underway: Human Trafficking. DeliverFund was brought in as a partner to the local and federal agencies working on the case, […]

Catching the bad guys, one analyst at a time

Kara Smith

Kara Smith is no stranger to hunting down bad guys. She’s spent the last 12 years doing it, starting as an intelligence analyst with the Air Force where she deployed supporting counter-terrorism operations. Kara helped track and locate terrorists using state of the art military technology. The intelligence she provided was even briefed to the […]

You Helped Take a Trafficker Off the Streets


Your donations to DeliverFund are an investment in training for local law enforcement officers around the country to hunt down and arrest human traffickers and rescue their victims. We know that it is these brave officers who put their lives on the line to do this work and they need the best possible training. We […]

Human Trafficker Lures Potential Victim Through Video Game Chat

Noah* was like most teenaged boys. He loved playing online video games and talking to other gamers on his headset. It seemed innocent enough to him, but he wasn’t aware that he was being groomed by a group of adult men who intended to lure him into the dark world of human sex trafficking. Noah […]

Human traffickers arrested and 16-year old rescued in Houston area


In March of this year, DeliverFund joined in Operation Tri Point, a project comprised of 22 local, state, and federal agents to take down a human trafficking ring in the Houston area. Eight people were arrested and charged with trafficking and eight victims were rescued according to Sgt. John Wall with the Houston Police Department. One […]

DeliverFund Descends on Super Bowl Traffickers


Operation Game Changer II 26 suspected Human Traffickers are behind bars. “It was entirely virtual,” explains Director of Operations Mike Fullilove. “We had people working from Montana, New Mexico, Virginia, Georgia and Pennsylvania.” DeliverFund was one of seven non-governmental organizations working in the FBI-spearheaded sting. Over the course of six days, DeliverFund’s analysts were able […]