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Zeroing in on human trafficking networks with IBM i2 intelligence analysis software
Powerful IBM® i2® intelligence analysis software supports DeliverFund in its mission to take a cyber intelligence-driven approach to fighting human trafficking. Leveraging the power of data, DeliverFund analysts use tools like network analysis and find path to reveal the relationships that identify human trafficking networks and help law enforcement pursue arrests.


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Jane Doe

ARTICLES makes slave trading easy

One needs only to visit the ‘escorts’ section of or any of its contemporaries to see that modern slavery is a daily reality for some of our citizens, and that we, America, are allowing this to happen.

Our Generation and the Fight Against Slavery

I was born in 1978, and depending on the source referenced, I am either at the tail end of generation X, the first of the millennial generation, or somewhere in the undefinable.

Former Navy SEAL uses unique approach to stop sex trafficking in Texas

SAN ANTONIO - Sex trafficking is one of the world's most secretive and lucrative businesses bringing in billions across the globe. A non-profit, comprised of former special operations and intelligence officers, is now using a different approach ..

Human trafficking: Modern day slavery

Slavery ended in America, or so we assume. We accept that slavery continues to exist around the world, but we seldom stop to think that this monster is quietly growing stronger here in the beacon of freedom.

Blaine Boyer and his work to try to stop sex trafficking in overseas brothels

Blaine Boyer has spent parts of 11 seasons in the majors, five with Atlanta, two with Arizona, and one each with Minnesota, New York (Mets), St. Louis, San Diego, Milwaukee, and now Boston.

CIA-trained analysts helping to battle huge increase in human trafficking

It’s Nic McKinley’s job to help police and prosecutors keep up with rapid changes in the cyber world of human traffickers — and to ramp up enforcement capabilities to protect millions of potential victims.

Game changers

Daily Inter Lake Article April 26 2017

Changing The Game

HOUSTON—On this bright Sunday in February, history is being made. A few miles away, some 72,000 people decked out in jerseys and waving big foam fingers are gathered at NRG Stadium for pro football's biggest event, Super Bowl LI.

Operation Game Changer

Operation Game Changer (OPGC) took place during Super Bowl LI to target human trafficking activity. Mercury One along with numerous corporate partners supported the efforts of the nonprofit organization DeliverFund on the ground in Houston.

AI Powered Startups Around World

AI Powered Startups Around World

Former Delta Force operator describes the counter-human trafficking operations of Deliver Fund

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