Join the fight against human trafficking

Learn about what we do to stop it and how you can help.

join the fight against human trafficking

Learn about what we do to stop it and how you can help.

Criminals can order an underaged girl to their house as easy as they can order a pizza—by cellphone

The proliferation of technology has made it easier for human traffickers to search for and groom potential victims. Whether it is luring foreign young women and children to the United States under false pretenses of a job opportunity or a romantic relationship, these girls are trapped and exploited.

And let’s call it what it is: human trafficking is modern-day slavery, with everything that comes along with that. It may have gone high-tech but it is every bit as malicious as historical slavery, complete with physical, psychological and emotional abuse. These girls are in chains, metaphorically and literally. And this is happening right under our noses.

But at DeliverFund, we are using the same technology that human traffickers use to scale their business to tear down their networks.

If traffickers touch the internet, we will find them.

Where we are


Victims Protected Due to Traffickers Arrested

We are stopping human traffickers so there are no more trafficking victims.


Trained by Thrivers

DeliverFund’s Thriver program consists of survivors and advocates who provide law enforcement officers and victim services specialists victim-centric training, as well as human trafficking awareness training.


Intelligence Reports

DeliverFund intelligence reports identify potential human traffickers to law enforcement agents.


Officers Trained

We are partners with law enforcement, who are on the front lines of this battle against human traffickers. We know the realities of the problem, the size and scope, the uphill battle that it is against an evil and malicious foe. We’ve been in the trenches, fighting alongside law enforcement, and we have learned about human trafficking in the US.

We’ve challenged the status quo in the fight against human trafficking by targeting the root cause: the trafficker.

Our partnership with law enforcement reflects our belief that solutions to human trafficking should be scalable, repeatable, and sustainable. We’ve saved men, women and children from slavery, but we’re not satisfied and we will not be satisfied until there is no more suffering, until no child is left in chains and forced to perform unspeakable acts for the profit of their torturers.

The ultimate prevention program is to take human traffickers out of the equation. Without human traffickers, there are no victims of human trafficking.

Intelligence to Counter Human Trafficking

DeliverFund’s International Human Trafficking Analysis Center (iHTAC) is the central all-source, shared knowledge bank on trafficking activity, human traffickers, and their networks.

Arresting human traffickers is the ultimate form of prevention, and starts the path to healing for the victims. But traffickers are like cockroaches–you stamp out one and another scurries out to take its place. We need to rally the resources and political will of citizens to make this a national priority that can be focused on and fought for.

The only people who can arrest human traffickers are law enforcement officers–so that is who we serve.

Timea Nagy

There is absolutely nothing that makes me feel more hopeful and empowered than watching former soldiers and former CIA agents team up with local police to sharpen their skills to take down Human Traffickers effectively. I wish that all the survivors out there could have seen the passion and the collaboration I have seen in training. There is real hope for the survivors in America because of you, DeliverFund.

Timea Nagy, M.S.M.

Founder, Timea’s Cause Inc.

Every Dollar Matters

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