DeliverFund's Unique Approach

Why DeliverFund is the best team for the job

How DeliverFund Fights Human Trafficking

Our Unique Approach

DeliverFund was founded and is operated by a group of uniquely qualified and trained individuals.

We have decades of experience from our careers in the CIA, NSA, Special Operations, and law enforcement, and we leverage cutting-edge technology into the ultimate weapon against human trafficking. The traffickers have gone online, so we follow them and track them down, using the same technologies that they’re using against them. 

We are privileged to work in partnership with law enforcement agencies across the country and provide valuable assistance in the fight against human trafficking. We couldn’t do this on our own, despite our passion and desire to do good. We need the help and support of law enforcement–and they need the support and help of all of us. That includes you!

Our Central Location


When was shut down in 2018, DeliverFund took over its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Backpage was a classified advertising website that became the largest marketplace for the buying and selling of women and children in the country at the time it was raided by police. We hold our heads high as we walk into the office, knowing that we have turned a place of vile wickedness into a force for good.

Texas holds the #2 spot for incidents of human trafficking activity in the United States. Dallas couldn’t be a more perfect location.

In early 2019, DeliverFund consolidated our operations so our analysts can collaborate in person, in real time, and so law enforcement has a central training and advising facility they can call 24/7/365.

The Plan

Human trafficking is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the world, but there is no federal department, program, or task force solely concentrated on fighting human trafficking. Local law enforcement officers are charged with finding these monsters and rescuing victims, but they haven’t had the technology or training to be effective–until now.

DeliverFund equips and trains these officers with state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence platforms. We use the tools of traffickers against them.

And we do it at no cost to law enforcement. We are entirely funded by the generous donations of the public, and the life-saving technologies supplied by many forward-thinking corporations who are looking to turn the enemy’s technologies against them.

Staying Neutral is Not an Option

Your support of DeliverFund’s mission can protect children from human traffickers who are prowling the internet.

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