Together, We Can Keep Our Communities Safe by Bringing Human Traffickers to Justice

Our Fight to End Human Trafficking

Human trafficking in the United States primarily consists of American women and children being sold to American men and women in American cities.

This crime is happening right in our back yards, but with your support, we can end it.

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50% of human trafficking victims are children

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The average age of a child sex trafficking victim in the United States is 15 years old

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Over 80% of purchasers buy illicit sex online

DeliverFund partners with law enforcement to take down human traffickers

Human trafficking investigators are often under-resourced and overwhelmed.

Your donations help us train and equip law enforcement to arrest more human traffickers and fight this national epidemic

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We have decades of experience from our careers in the CIA, NSA, Special Operations

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We offer support to law enforcement at no cost to them.

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We leverage cutting-edge technology into the ultimate weapon against human trafficking.

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Become an advocate for DeliverFund

Every act of generosity counts in the fight against human trafficking. Start a personal fundraiser to #CrushEvil today and make a big impact!

Get your community involved, and you will be taking an active role in our efforts to equip, train, and advise law enforcement officers nationwide to bring human traffickers to justice and rescue their victims.

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Celebrate your birthday by creating a fundraiser asking friends and family o donate instead of giving you gifts.

100% of your gift will go towards the mission to end human trafficking here at home and globally. 

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Our Financials

At DeliverFund, we maintain the highest levels of accountability and transparency. We can bring an end to human trafficking in our lifetime, and your donation goes directly into this fight. 


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Join the Fight with DeliverFund

Educate yourself about how DeliverFund is fighting human trafficking in our communities. Share our resources with your network. Donate or create your own fundraiser for DeliverFund and be a leader in your community. 

You can be the one to change a human trafficking victim's life. 

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By purchasing from our online store, you help us train, equip, and advise local law enforcement to more effectively go after human traffickers and bring them to justice.