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Together, We Can Keep Our World Safe by Bringing Human Traffickers to Justice.

Our Fight to End Human Trafficking Worldwide

DeliverFund is a nonprofit organization that leverages cutting-edge technology in the fight against human trafficking. Our team of experts, headquartered in Poland, is continuing our mission to eradicate human trafficking globally.

We use the same technology that human traffickers use to scale their businesses to tear down their networks. We equip, train, and advise our partners with state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence platforms.

If they touch the internet, we will find them.

Global Human Trafficking Facts

Forms of Exploitation


50% Sexual Exploitation


38% Forced Labor


6% Criminal Activity


1.5% Begging


1% Other Purposes

Criminal Actors Involved In Trafficking In Persons


57% Business-type of organized criminal groups


18% Governance-type of organized criminal groups


14% Solo/Individual traffickers


11% Opportunistic traffickers

*Source: UNODC

How we work with our partners to combat human trafficking

Our training programs teach how to recognize human trafficking, how to rescue victims, how to disrupt criminal networks using the internet, and how to gather open-source information.

We distill academic and scholarly research into usable and citable data points.

We work with our partners to expedite investigations by providing reports that can be corroborated and used to identify human trafficking activity. We also assist our partners by providing information and analysis to help interdiction operations.

Support Operations in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is a humanitarian crisis that is leaving many in tenuous situations--the most vulnerable are children who have no families to protect them.

Donate to support DeliverFund's counter human trafficking operations in Ukraine.