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There Are More Than 750,000 Predators Online Everyday

Keep your children safe with GameSafe

Did you know?

  • Most children receive a cellular device at the Age of 10.3 Years
  • Children are on devices an average of 11 hours a day.
  • 1 in 5 children who use the Internet have been sexually solicited

*Data from Pew Research Center

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How Can you protect your children online?

DeliverFund has partnered with GameSafe to help keep your children safe from online predators.  

GameSafe is an app that works behind the scenes on your child’s device to monitor the chat in the games your kids love to play.

GameSafe empowers parents to protect their children while gaming online.

Get insight into communications during your child’s gaming and be immediately alerted to threats of vulgarity, hate speech, sexual exploitation as an early beta user.

This early release offers protection for Roblox on desktop computers.

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It is our responsibility to keep our children safe

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