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We Can End Human Trafficking in Our Generation

But this fight needs everyone

Human trafficking is an epidemic that is taking place
right in our backyards

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The average age of a child sex trafficking victim in the United States is 15 years old.

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Over 50% of victims in federal human trafficking prosecutions are children.

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Over 80% of purchasers buy illicit sex online.

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DeliverFund Combats Human Trafficking and Brings Criminals to Justice

DeliverFund is a nonprofit private intelligence firm that uses cutting edge technology and methodology to combat human trafficking in the United States and internationally. 

The founders at DeliverFund have spent their entire backgrounds dismantling illicit networks overseas against violent extremists, and now they are implementing the same strategies against human traffickers.

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Your partnership with DeliverFund means:

  • More targeting analysts being hired
  • Supporting more law enforcement partners across the United States and internationally
  • Assisting more victims of trafficking in escaping the cycle of exploitation.
  • Putting more human traffickers behind bars…for good.

Every Dollar Counts in this Fight

Your support is critical to this mission. Will you stand with us to end human trafficking?