The Truth About Human Trafficking in America

Though many Americans might not want to admit it—or perhaps they are simply unaware of it—human trafficking in America is not only a very real danger, but it is also a prominent one. It’s tough to accept, since there is a general mindset that this country has put its slavery problems behind it, but sadly, […]

What is Being Done to Stop Human Trafficking?

When coming to grips with the reality of human trafficking, it can be difficult to remind yourself that there are things being done to stop human trafficking organizations. It is true that human trafficking is an enterprise that has a a strong presence in many parts of the world, and sadly, this includes the United […]

Human Trafficking Awareness Month: What You Can Do To Join the Fight

At the beginning of each year, it is important to call attention to the ongoing fight against human trafficking. Modern slavery is very real danger in our world and in our country, which is why human trafficking awareness month is a necessary dedication. But honoring the fight by assigning it a title of awareness is […]

What to Do If You Suspect Human Trafficking

Suspecting that human trafficking mght be occuring is a scary thought, and one that should not be taken lightly. Such a suspicion can make you feel uneasy about various things–specifically, what you should do. There are warning signs of human trafficking, and it’s true that certain individuals are more vulnerable to the dangers of human […]

How to Prevent Human Trafficking

The prevention of human trafficking is not a job for a single organization or particular law enforcement group. Rather, it is a group effort. The ongoing fight requires all sorts of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels, as there are many different ways to prevent human trafficking, and many things you can […]

3 Ways You Can Help Fight Against Human Trafficking

Man calling to report suspicious activity he sees through window.

The fight against human trafficking is one of many moving parts. To put it more clearly, ending human trafficking will require assistance from all sides, as there is a role for everyone to play. And while there are organizations putting in time and effort, relying on data and technology and working with law enforcement groups […]

The Real Problems of Human Trafficking in Real Estate

Door partially open providing a partial-view of a nice interior home

Human trafficking doesn’t always exist in back alleys or far away countries. In fact, America has a significant human trafficking problem that thrives in many industries across all states. Because of this, human traffickers are smart and go through a great deal of time and effort to conceal their methods, as well as their victims. […]

THEY ARE SAFE! “Operation SoccerBalls” Successful in Afghanistan

Afghan national girls soccer team

SEPTEMBER 21, 2021 On Sept 19th, DeliverFund successfully completed “Operation SoccerBalls.”  The operation successfully evacuated “at-risk” members of the “FIFA Afghanistan National Women’s Youth Football” program and their families to the Portuguese Republic where all 80 evacuees will be granted asylum.  For over 5-weeks, DeliverFund’s incredible staff worked tirelessly with the U.S. government and other […]

What Human Traffickers Do & How You Can Help the Victims

human trafficking help

The numbers are staggering. Each year, an estimated 14,500 to 17,500 foreign nationals are trafficked into the United States, but the number here within our own country is far worse. An estimated 200,000 women and girls–mostly children–are currently being trafficked within the borders of our country. It’s a stain on America, and something that we […]

CityXGuide News: A Major Trafficking Site Goes Down


First, the good news. CityXGuide, the illicit site that was often described by users as “taking over from where Backpage left off”, has been shut down by The U.S. Attorney’s Office.  The owner, Wilhan Martono, was indicted with 28 federal accounts and could face 25 years in federal prison. The site allowed pimps and brothels […]