How Do Human Traffickers Choose Their Victims?

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“How do human traffickers choose their victims” is a question that has been on many minds lately, especially parents of young children– and for good reason. It is no secret […]

What to Do If You Suspect Human Trafficking

Suspecting that human trafficking mght be occuring is a scary thought, and one that should not be taken lightly. Such a suspicion can make you feel uneasy about various things–specifically, […]

How to Prevent Human Trafficking

The prevention of human trafficking is not a job for a single organization or particular law enforcement group. Rather, it is a group effort. The ongoing fight requires all sorts […]

How Do You Fight Against Human Trafficking

fight against human trafficking

The fight against human trafficking is an uphill battle, which depends on fully-trained law officers that can detect their networks and prevent victims from being harmed. Human trafficking is a […]