12 Ways to Engage, Educate, and Protect Your Children Online

12 ways to protect kids

Social networking sites, chat rooms, blogs and virtual worlds are how our children, tweens (10-12) and teens (13-19) socialize online with their peers, family, work and persons they have met online who share like-minded interests.  To live in a world where we don’t allow our kids to access the Internet is not realistic, especially during […]

Methodology is King

Methodology is King

Strategy, Process, and Tools Are Its Subjects By Chief of Operations, Michael Fullilove A brief discussion on the importance of methodology Taking the the analogy in the title of this article a step further, a healthy, thoughtful king leads to a healthy prosperous kingdom. The axiom “Innovate or die” has never been truer than it […]

Wildlife Live Streams for Kids (and Adults)


Parenting is already a challenge on its own. During a pandemic, under work-from-home conditions and with schools shuttered through the summer, it can feel overwhelming. As we navigate this new era of dealing with the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, it’s important to remind ourselves that this situation is unprecedented–so it’s okay to take the […]