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DeliverFund only exists because of the generosity of supporters like you, people with the conviction to protect the dignity and innocence of women and children.


We combat human trafficking with counterterrorism expertise

Our team leverages its counterterrorism experience to transform the human trafficking fight. We deploy the same tactics used to track terrorists to take down human traffickers.


We support law enforcement partners around the world

Law enforcement is on the frontlines of this fight. Our training, technology, and community are dedicated to equipping them to effectively combat human trafficking in all its forms, wherever it occurs.

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DeliverFund is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that never compromises integrity. Explore the work we do to receive the highest grades for accountability and transparency.


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Our team is built to deliver real-world solutions to the human trafficking crisis.

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Nic McKinley

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Sean Fennema

Sean Fennema

Co-Founder, Chief Information Officer

Christi Nabors

Christi Nabors

Director of Development

Salvador Hernandez

Salvador Hernandez

Chief of Operations


Shane Erickson

Deputy Chief of Operations

Sandy Storm

Sandy Storm

Director of Strategic Impact

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Jee Kim

Chief Marketing Officer

Strong tech to protect victims

We bring brilliant minds and brilliant tech together to fight injustice at scale.


DeliverFund’s signature software is the Platform for the Analysis and Targeting of Human Traffickings (P.A.T.H.). It visually maps out human trafficking networks and allows law enforcement agencies across the country to streamline their investigations, operating more effectively and efficiently.

The Human Trafficking Watchlist

The Human Trafficking Watchlist is the only data repository in existence that assists users in proactively identifying persons known or suspected to be involved with human trafficking. This data is collected and organized from open and publicly available sources on the internet and confirmed by trained analysts.

RedLight Data

Our RedLight dataset currently consists of millions of online advertisements where human trafficking victims are advertised. This data comes from DeliverFund’s tool PathFinder, which is used by analysts and investigators to identify trafficking activity and develop leads in human trafficking cases nationwide.

Digital Training Tools

We are creating a series of new digital training tools for law enforcement to disperse the knowledge we have collected over years of fighting human trafficking. The Counter Human Trafficking Analyst Certification program teaches the skills needed to identify human traffickers, victims, and networks successfully.

Our Law Enforcement Partnerships Nationwide

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