Human Trafficking Awareness

The trafficking of vulnerable Americans is a growing epidemic, and it is happening in our neighborhoods.

Dollar-for-dollar, human trafficking in America is far worse than it is overseas.

It is a market that is growing exponentially, putting $975 million in the pockets of human traffickers every year.

Trafficking victims are forced to work in the sex trade or exploited in other types of labor, including farm or factory work or domestic servitude. To coerce victims, traffickers typically isolate them from the outside world and may inflict one or various types of physical and psychological abuse. These include sexual abuse, food and/or sleep deprivation, or threats to themselves and/or family members.

By the Numbers:
Human Trafficking in the United States

Every 2.5 hours

a child is taken by human traffickers

7 years average lifespan

of a child victim once taken


victims are held as commercial sex slaves

96% of trafficking victims

are female

Every trafficked child

is purchased for sex 5.4 times a day

50% of trafficking victims

are children

The Human Trafficking Triangle

diagram of human trafficking triangle

Human trafficking as a market exists because of the relationship between the Product (the victim), the Demand (the buyer), and the Supplier (the trafficker)⁠

For human traffickers, it’s all about the money. Because the victim acts as both middleman and product, the current market exists with low risk to the buyer and seller. ⁠

This is why DeliverFund goes directly after the trafficker–take out the source of evil, raise the risk of operating the “business,” and we can take out the entire network.

Samantha's Story

DeliverFund assisted law enforcement in finding Samantha’s* trafficker and putting him behind bars.

Samantha’s story is the true account of a former victim and her experience with her trafficker. It’s going to take all of us to fight this evil. Will you join us?

videos - samantha
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Human Trafficking in the United States

Media reports related to human trafficking

DeliverFund is compiling all media reports related to human trafficking, but there are many incidences that go unreported.

Click on the map to find articles about human trafficking happening within the United States. 


Know the signs

Human traffickers use any tool available to them to connect with potential victims.

Find out how you can recognize the signs, and how you can prevent your loved one from becoming a future victim. 

Staying Neutral is Not an Option

Your support of DeliverFund’s mission can protect children from human traffickers who are prowling the internet.